A social media strategy is necessary for any business: First It starts with the goals

The boss suddenly realizes that the company is necessarily needs to be present in a Facebook page, or other social media. Then quickly is required a social media profile set up without asking first whether and how it should have been made. Especially for small and medium businesses, I have now seen it several times: Suddenly, it must be rolling fast and then there is no time to think for a moment.

Thereby give companies great opportunities with a hasty and not well thought-Participate in the Social Web. Therefore, please, dear entrepreneur, set previously with a strategy where, what and how you want to communicate. In this and my next posts I will show you what is on small and medium enterprises should definitely make thoughts before you make your social networking accounts.

A social media strategy should be for any business is necessary because you give not only great opportunities. Of course, social media also holds dangers. Companies that have no strategy do not know how to respond to such issues, and lose valuable time in such a case, so that the company long-term damage can wear them. Although that the registration on the platforms is usually free, but at least the time of an employee must be invested and that costs money, too.

So just get started and see how everything is designed, the worst possible start in the world of social media. Social Media (if it fits the business) yes, but only with a strategy. So now, I start at some times and show you what all parts of a social media strategy. The question of what I want / to my business with social media engagement must always be the first question, which you to ask yourself for a business. The only way a company can later make a statement about how successful your own social media engagement is. Here I have compiled a list of possible targets.

Allow plenty of time for that question. If you want to increase the traffic to your website, the target could be as follows: xy the traffic to the website, increased within 12 months by 10%. This objective formulations always a concrete number added (in this case the 10% increase based on the data at the time of entering into social media), and a specific time component, here it is 12 months.

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